E- Learning Video Shoot

Have you noticed how the teaching and learning methods have witnessed changes in the modern days? You remember how the pen and paper- classroom method used to be the only way of learning? Well, the advent of technologies and our acceptance of them in our daily lives has impacted how we have switched to or safe to say, incorporated electronic learning as one of our learning mediums. To top it, the COVID pandemic pushed all the students, companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new ways of learning and teaching. Due to several lockdowns and social distancing norms, e-learning seemed like the only resort, which could be accessed from the comforts of everyone’s homes without posing a threat of potential exposure to the virus. So, it’s almost irrefutable to say that e-learning is the new trend.

The ‘E’ in e-learning stands for ‘electronic’. Therefore, electronic learning (also called online learning) is referred to the system of learning that can be attained online (usually through internet) using an electronic device. It employs technology to facilitate and enhance educational content. E- Learning was developed initially as computer based content delivery system for schools but now has been widely accepted by all types of organizations; ranging from start-ups to large businesses, government or non-profit firms. It can be accessed using a variety of digital devices, from desktop computers to smart phones.

There may have been an initial resistance from people as they were skeptical about this new method of learning but now studying online has become quite popular as it is flexible, fast and delivers exceptional results. This may also be due to its ability to accommodate everyone’s needs. Anybody from a full time employee to a home maker can access these courses depending upon their availability and comfort at a time that suits them, from their preferred devices. This also caters to each individual’s learning speed. The lectures can be accessed as many times as one wants and since this is a visual and an interactive method, it enables better memory retention. Employers are also keen on training their employees using e-learning method due to its various advantages. Thus, in the words of Ronnie Screwvala “The global e-learning market is on fire”.

However simple learning from these videos may be; creating an e-learning video is quite a complex procedure. Maintaining high production quality is critical to make sure the learners stay focused and engaged. A good camera, lighting, background and audio quality should be your prime focus and the last thing you want to do is put up a poorly edited video.

We are here to help you throughout your e-learning video making journey. We have the right set of experts who are experienced in this field of art for years. We will not only shoot the video but also take care of the audio and its quality. We are equipped with all the technical apparatus needed to shoot a professional and good quality video including an indoor studio. We also have a professional editor in our team to make sure that your video is uploaded in the best possible way, meeting all your needs.

E-learning is a promising industry and we are here to make your journey effortless into this market. Make the most of it!

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