Food and Beverage Photography

There is a very well-known and frequently used adage among chefs which says, “People eat with their eyes first”, it implies that the visual appearance of the food impacts the experience of the consumer even before they taste it. The similar lines of this idea bring food and beverage photography into the picture.

Food and Beverage photography is a genre of photography used to create a photographic experience of dishes, desserts, and drinks in an attractive and tempting light. The first known photograph that showcased food as a subject dates back to 1845 showing peaches and pineapples. However, in the modern-day, Food and Beverage photography has a more commercial approach. The products are oftentimes used in advertisements, magazines, menus, packaging, or cookbooks.

With the increasing inclusivity of the internet in our current daily lives, marking your online presence has become almost essential to ensure the mass reach of your food businesses. This can be both through the restaurant’s website and social media platforms like Instagram. People nowadays even prefer ordering food online from the comforts of their homes.

YouTubers do a lot of things. They stream themselves playing video games, they show you how to make your hair, make you laugh, and many more things. Still many choose food overworld, to make videos about which is as old as humans themselves – food. It came from humble kitchens to fully-equipped professional studios with camera-crew we help these food video bloggers take the most basic need and transform it to art right in front of your eyes.

 Food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomato, restaurant websites or online menu; with the advent of high-resolution screens and strong demand for quality, when it comes to images for these platforms, it poses a need for a professional who can capture your delicious dishes and drinks in the right and attractive consumable canvas.

Professional food and beverage photography is often a collaborative effort, usually involving professional photographers, editors, setup, and lighting. We have the right group of experts with all the technical abilities and excellent service quality, inclusive of a professional photographer and an editor for retouching the images. Our team is highly committed and creative and pays attention to every detail. We also have the perfect equipment including a professional camera, lighting, props, and a studio to capture your food in a way that would entice the taste buds of the viewer making them want it irresistibly.

Our team is committed to carrying out a hassle-free and timely execution of the shoot with cost-effectiveness. Food and Beverage imagery is provided in both photography and video formats. The location of the shoot is also flexible between an outdoor venue or our indoor studio as per the needs and demands of the customer.

We at VoiceMonk studio have more than 16 years of experience in the field of production. We are also highly equipped with a camera, lighting, makeup, and editing team. We have a versatile and flexible team who can do anything possible for you.

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