Hire Studio

VoiceMonk is a studio where you can research your capacity and creativity. The key lead of video shoot is to exhibit the vitality of light. The estimation of our region is 15 X 15,and this studio is expected for various types of shoots and you can trust our picture. Your Penny won’t misuse. This studio is arranged in C-56/12, Institutional Area Near JSS Engineering college, Noida. We outfit you with the best Facilities with the best camera technique. We offer you to explore the contemplation in each segment Lifestyle, Baby Shoot, Family Shoot and many more. We will give you in-house facilities, we will work according to your standard scope of nature. You can record music chronicles and Albums, record short music videos and record music according to your choice. You can record different kinds of music-Contemporary, Jazz. Various Music Recordings are recorded according to your slang. You can make your portfolio to display to the affiliation or to your clients. A portfolio reflect your shadow that what do you think about industry. You can take different amounts of pictures to exhibit your best work to the affiliation or your clients. For eg, if you are ace in pre wedding shoot, can impact a mystery of your work and you to would grandstand have the capacity to your work to your clients for the future projects. A Photographers are the impression of your work, make your portfolio so vital to get the future endeavors.

Recording Studio

We are furnishing you with the account studio with the most recent innovation and equipment. We will give you the most recent sound blenders that will make your sound more professional. We have most recent sound blenders, mouthpieces, proficient sound blending supports, and impact units. We have a sound confirmation room where you can record your voice. The “live room” of the studio where the vocalists sing and instrumentalists play their instruments, with their singing and playing got by amplifiers and, for electric and electronic instruments, by interfacing the instruments yields or DI unit yields to the blending board (or by miking the speaker cupboards for bass and electric guitar); Vocal corners are likewise planned spaces for artists. In the two sorts of rooms, there are normally windows so the entertainers can see other band individuals and the sound specialist/record maker, as artists, bandleaders and artists frequently give or get visual signs; Features Up to 4 tracks (32 tracks with the Pro version) choosing between audio recordings or the instruments Grand Piano, Drums and Classical Guitar. Mixer with built-in realistic reverb effect (with independent settings on each track) Key Editor (delete, copy-paste each single note). Sample editor: copy-paste, split, loop, fade-in, fade-out each audio recording session Stereo VU displays for all channels Multi-touch, keyboard, and mouse support.