Interviews Shoot

An interview is essentially a structured conversation where one participant called the interviewer asks the questions; and the other referred as interviewee answers. The information gathered during the interview may later be shared with other audiences later, which is why interviews are recorded; either for future reference of the organization or sometimes for the general public to refer or learn from. For instance, A UPSC aspirant learns about the pattern of the interview round or the types of questions asked generally from the recorded interviews of the previous qualifiers, later made available on the internet.

Interviews can happen in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from the conventional interviews conducted for employment purposes to psychiatric interviews or cognitive interviews that criminologists or detectives conduct with eye witnesses and victims. Reporters conducting interviews of politicians or government officials; or entertainment journalists interviewing celebrities for their various shows or columns, or a talk show host interviewing people on a chosen topic are various other reasons interviews are conducted. In the marketing context, interviews are also conducted for qualitative research or for review purposes. Interviewing happy customers to gain confidence of potential new customers is another purpose for conducting interviews. These kinds of interviews are called testimonials.

A testimonial is a statement testifying the quality of a product or sometimes to a person’s character or qualification. A customer testimonial video acts as a recommendation of a satisfied buyer that affirms the value and quality of the product and services offered by the firm. It showcases your clients’ positive experiences with your brand, product or service. These are a great way of building trust in your brand by showcasing how your product has previously helped others.

Recording interviews and testimonials can be beneficial; however shooting it is a challenging procedure. It demands a certain degree of expertise as usually you only get one take to get it right. Equipment like a good camera and microphone are needed to ensure quality. A proper setup and background are other important things to be taken care of. Lighting plays a key role in the final video and its effect on people. But conducting as well as carrying out the shoot can be a complex process. 

So, we are here to aid you in your interview as well as testimonial video making. You can take care of carrying out the interview while we will manage the entire shooting process. From a professional camera to sound apparatus, lighting and background; even an indoor studio; we have all the essential technical equipment required to shoot an effective and good quality video. We have an expert team of professionals who have years of experience in this art. They will carry out the entire procedure in an untroubled manner. We also have a professional editor onboard so as to make sure the final product is just as you desired.

Our team is highly competent and dedicated at providing a timely executed and cost-effective service. The location is also flexible between your location and our indoor studio. We are here to provide solutions to all your video shooting problems. 

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