Music Video Production

If you have ever been moved by a piece of music or if you have created music or have found solace in playing some instrument or listening to your favorite artist, you will know that music has a great impact on humans. Music may not be essential for anybody’s survival; but it is extremely rewarding and pleasurable. Studies have shown that music leads to creation of dopamine (a chemical in the brain associated with pleasure, motivation and reward) in the brain. 

Thereby, it is not surprising that the recorded music industry in India is sized at 1068 crore Indian rupees. With the increasing intensity and stress in our daily lives; the demand for music has seen a huge spike. Especially with the massive popularity and usage of platforms like YouTube; music videos comprise a major part of the increasing demand. Music videos are primarily made and used as a music marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. Consequently, the music industry is also witnessing an increase in investment as it is highly profitable considering the demands and enormous success of the music industry.

What can be more profitable than a music video? A collection of music videos; generally called a music video album. Music albums help musicians create long lasting artistic statements. However, making a video on those songs can have a greater impact on the reception of them. The amalgamation of the visual and audio attributes of a music video makes the viewers more connected to the song and are thereby better remembered; eventually leading to repetitive views and more success. 

The continuation of a story line with each song in the album sometimes acts as a solid reason why the viewers are keen for the next song and are glued to the album. Commercially, the music album video making can be highly rewarding. But with new high resolution technologies coming in each day; it calls for a professional who is equipped with all the knowledge of high quality video making, to meet the needs and demands of the viewers and eventually lead your music videos to success.

We are a group of professionals, who are here to help you out in converting your aim of making a music video album; into reality. Our team has professionals; who are experts at this craft having years of experience in this field. We also have a professional editor with us to retouch the project and frames to make sure the final product aligns with what you had imagined. 

Our services are flexible between our indoor studio that we provide and an outdoor location, as per your needs and wants. We come with all the technical prerequisites of carrying out an untroubled shoot. We have a professional video camera and setup, lighting apparatus and audio equipment to make sure that the quality is not compromised anywhere. 

Our team is highly creative and talented; and is dedicated to providing a hassle free, flexible, perfectly executed and cost effective service. Turning your thoughts into actuality is where our prowess lies, Try us once! call VoiceMonk Studio (+91 8700295007). You can mail your requirements at