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Have you ever come across these lines of thoughts; like what goes behind these amazingly entertaining movies? How do they make them so dreamy? How do these unrealistic fictional things start to seem so real and practical? Well, what looks so effortless is an exceptional work of a huge team with different talents; who pool in their resources to produce the best piece of art. They are the production team. A production team consists of technical staff to produce a media and their function encompasses anything and everything to get the project released. They are responsible for providing a physical basis for works in the field of performing arts, television, radio, interactive arts, movies, videos, music etc.

Thinking of making a fictional or non-fictional show? A movie? A documentary? We are here to aid you. Our production house offers services of all sorts of video production; ranging from short films, animated films, promotional videos, corporate videos, documentary to explainer videos. Our team of professional directors, writers, cinematographer, animators and editors have years of experience in all formats. We are the right set of experts for your project.

We provide almost all the services needed to produce a successful piece of art. For audio production, we come with the services of voice over, dubbing and sound effects; so as to make sure the impact and engagement is just as solid as you imagined, if not more. We also provide all the technical apparatus required to ensure good sound or audio quality.

Not just this, furthermore we take care of the video production aspect of the project making too. We also have a scriptwriter onboard, so if you need it; we have it! We even provide performing artists and actors. And to make sure they look flawless, we even have a professional makeup and hair artist in our team. The makeup team comes with all the products needed to create the desired look.

We also take care of all the technical equipment needed to shoot a good quality video; from lighting and a professional camera setup to a studio. Our services are flexible between your location and our indoor studio. We are here to help you throughout to make sure there are no compromises on your idea or vision.

Not just this, we won’t just end our services here. For post-production; we have a professional editor to organize the visuals so that the project appears as one seamless journey to the viewers. If you need the element of animation in your project, we do that too!

Our team is a group of highly knowledgeable and competent professionals who are dedicated to make your dream project into reality with utmost perfection. Audience engagement, reception and the requirement to work under constraints is central to the production process; and we are determined to achieve it all. A proper and professional, timely executed and cost effective service is guaranteed.

So if you want to work with the best, contact us! call VoiceMonk Studio (+91 8700295007). You can mail your requirements at