Portfolio Shoot

A portfolio shoot is a collection of photographs taken with a certain type of camera in one or more locations of one person or a group which shows a photographer’s best work. A portfolio shoot enhances the look of the model in every aspect which gains the attention of the audience and sticks to their mind.

As a photographer “we shoot what you want not what you get”. We believe the interaction between the model and the photographer is a must which gives them and sense of relativity on each other and they should feel comfortable shooting. We encouraged the models to review their shots. So, they can analyze and make improvements. The resultant array of expression and poses is thus a beautiful piece of art.

For the best portfolio shoot, a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor shoots covering all aspects of body shoots and facial expression is necessary. The rhythmic use of light and color combination gives stunning effects to the photographers. Well-versed precision of makeup and hairstyling give the needed finishing touch to the model for the shoot. We make sure that a model looks best with all the makeup and styling for the best possible shots. We assure what suits the model or not for the shoots. Over-styling and extraordinary makeup can worsen the natural effects of the shoot. We clearly resist the heightened use of Photoshop. We insist on more natural and close to the real-life photos and demands by the model. The overdone look can worsen the profile and have a negative impact.

Before starting the shoot we find it important to do our pre-production steps like discussing the poses and looks beforehand to avoid any confusion on the day of the shoot. We also suggest variations in wardrobe, style, and expression for a comprehensive portfolio. As a photographer, we are in charge and responsible for everything from pre-production to postproduction.

We plan the shoot and prepare for the shoot day with utmost care and responsibility. We take care of the retouching and delivery of photographs in the format requested by the clients. We keep every small need and want of our clients in mind.

Require assistance after office hours? We would like to inform you that you can reach us anytime via mail or phone, and we will be available at your service. Our studio has high-end equipment, which will provide the best quality photos, adding to the brand voice. Once your project becomes our responsibility, then from the curation stage to the end product we will run the content through multiple channels, dedicated to producing the product which meets your expectations. Therefore, if these are the services you are looking for then you have reached the right place. To avail best of our services visit our website and enjoy the opportunity at the best price.

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